Our Prayer and Healing Ministry


What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Spiritual Mind Treatment is simply affirmative prayer. Rather than pleading for something from a distant god, we know that there is a power for good in the universe available to everyone and we can use it to create our good. Affirmative prayer simply directs this power for the manifestation of our good. Affirmative prayer accepts the good desired as though it were already so. It is not directed at something outside ourselves, but it is an inner knowing that the universe in which we live is lawful, loving, and intelligent. It is about awakening spiritual awareness, transforming conditions, and creating a wonderful life!

The Ingredients of a Spiritual Mind Treatment

These are the ingredients of effective spiritual mind treatment. We use them to develop within us sound spiritual understanding.

  1. Recognize that we live in an infinite universe governed by intelligence. 
  2. Unify with this spiritual reality: if it is infinite, then we must be some part of it.
  3. Realize that the good we seek, be it healing, peace of mind, or greater abundance, is available to us right now. It is here right now in potential, awaiting our acceptance of it. We accept this good in our minds and hearts.
  4. Give Thanks for the blessings of Spirit because we believe we have already received it.
  5. Release the Spiritual Mind Treatment, allowing the natural spiritual laws of the universe to operate and bring about in our experience the good we have claimed as ours.

Anyone can create a spiritual mind treatment for himself or herself following the general guidelines given above. Remember to keep your request in the present tense (I AM prosperous, not I will be prosperous). To make your treatment more effective, speak it out loud at least once a day until you feel it is complete.

Our Ministry

We support our Center and ourselves by “praying without ceasing”. Professional Practitioners are trained and licensed by Religious Science International to guide people in correcting situations and healing through spiritual consciousness.

The Healing Ministry of our Center offers services, both counseling and treatment from the Minister and Licensed Practitioners, on a voluntary contribution basis. The concept of “dana” – a Pali term meaning “gifts offered to the spiritual institution or teacher that has helped,” is the standard for donations. This means that individuals seeking assistance may contribute to the Center. Money is a precious gift of substance and commitment from one who receives benefit from services offered.

The money donated as “dana” to the Center is used to support our programs. A great cycle of giving and receiving is thus the result of counseling and treatment work! Those who cannot offer gifts of money are encouraged to participate in this cycle by offering other gifts that support the Center.

We encourage anyone in need of spiritual insight or support to make use of the gifted services of our Healing Ministry and our Licensed Practitioners. Suggested Donation: Spiritual Counseling and Coaching $50 (approx. 1 hr.); Treatment Interviews $35 (approx. 30 minutes).

Prayer Does Change Things

(from Make Your Life Worthwhile by Emmett Fox)Prayer does change things. Let us be perfectly clear about this. Prayer does change things. Many people say that prayer is a good thing because it gives us courage and fortitude for meeting our troubles. They say that prayer often gets a man out of difficulty simply by giving him self-confidence which he would have otherwise lacked. Of course, this is not Spiritual Truth. The fact is that Scientific Prayer – which is seeing the Presence of God where the trouble seems to be – does not merely give us courage to meet the trouble; it changes trouble into harmony.

  • Prayer heals the body by changing the tissues, and it does this by first changing the mind which forms them.
  • Prayer changes the environment by actually altering it, not merely by altering our attitude toward it.
  • Prayer brings man (and woman) his salvation by changing his nature fundamentally; not by making the best of him as he is.
  • Prayer opens the way to new and better things. It does not patch up old things.

The body, the environment, the universe itself, is plastic to our thought; and it always reflects our sincere belief.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)