Visioning Ministry


Our Visioning Ministry

The Visioning Ministry meets regularly to vision for our personal lives, the Center, and also plan events that support the activity of visioning. Join us if you would like to be a part of this awesome movement, learn more about visioning, facilitate a visioning session or help plan activity that supports the visioning process at our Center.


The Visioning Process

The Visioning process happens from that place of “God as me”, that place where we allow ourselves to “catch” God’s idea for our lives. It is a process of the heart and is not limited by what we know through our human experience. Vision is driven by questions. We allow Spirit within us to answer the questions. The answers can come in the form of a word, an idea, a symbol, a color, a song, etc. It is important not to judge what comes up, but merely witness and observe. Visioning is a process and there are definite steps in that process.

The Steps

  1. Start each visioning session with an opening Spiritual Mind Treatment.Allow yourself to be open and receptive to the process and to your Oneness with God.
  2. From that place of Oneness, recall a time or experience in which you felt completely loved and lovable until it takes you over.
  3. From that place of pure love and grace, ask the following questions. These questions can be asked about anything you want to vision for. You can vision for your life, a relationship, your work, your health, an event, a home, etc. Ask:
    • What is God’s idea for…? How is Spirit expressing itself as…?
    • What must I become to allow God’s idea to express itself as me?
    • What must I release to create the space for God’s idea to become fully present? What must I let go of?
    • What gifts do I bring?
  4. When you are complete with the questions, allow yourself to move into a place of complete willingness and acceptance. You can do this by recalling a time hen you were completely willing. From this place, simply say “yes.”
  5. Journal whatever comes up for you in regard to each question. It is recommended that you keep a visioning journal.
  6. Close your visioning session with a treatment that focuses on what you must become to allow God’s idea to become fully manifest. Treat from the present moment, knowing that you already have it!